One day while driving to a music festival, Dan and Taraleigh Weathers heart-stormed about ways they could combine their talents and passions and work toward a common goal that would also benefit the world.


Dan, who is a financial analyst by day, has amazing vision when it comes to renovating, is excellent when it comes to putting money to good use, is a genius when it comes to repurposing things and seems to find every treasure at garage sales, thrift stores and the dump.

Taraleigh, who like Dan, also has a talent for finding second hand treasures, loves to plan and facilitate magical events that bring people together to form forever bonds. Building and fostering relationships is extremely important to her and she enjoys promoting the things she’s excited about on social media.

On that fateful day in May of 2017, Dan said, “Why don’t we purchase a property in Vermont that we can turn into a gathering and event space?”

Taraleigh has led her own retreats for years and always seems to have difficulty finding the right place that has availability when she wants, so she knew this was something that was needed in Vermont. She also loves curating epic and unique experiences for people so she exclaimed, “Yes!”

They started their search for the perfect property when in record time, they stumbled upon the most perfect place in Morrisville, Vermont that had everything they were looking for. What should they call it? Great names like This is a Farmhouse, The Tumbledown Shack and Fishman’s Dress didn’t make the cut. Listening to one of their favorite musicians, Ryan Montbleau one day, his song This Wonderful Place came on and they both knew that was the name.

With excitement, Dan and Taraleigh are looking forward to providing you with a space that will meet all of your needs for your retreat, bachelor/bachelorette party, friend’s weekend, event, wedding, yoga teacher training, corporate retreat, party or reunion. This Wonderful Place truly is a wonderful place.

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